Update your


with a beautiful,

durable veneer


Staircase refinishing is our specialty. Our one-of-a-kind technique involves wrapping your existing plain staircase with a beautiful and durable veneer.

Working with the existing staircase means the process is less disruptive to your daily life. It allows you to avoid the chaos caused by a complete removal of the structure, as well as the hidden cost of a temporary move while the demolition occurs.

We work when you’re at work. The installation occurs during the daytime, so at night (while the installation is in progress) you can walk gently on the veneer.

You also save on the direct costs of installation as fewer materials are required while being able to proudly claim the project as environmentally friendly since it reduces waste and saves trees otherwise necessary for a staircase re-build.


We begin by removing the railing and spindles, these are refinished and reinstalled once work on the steps has been completed.

Old and dated carpets are removed from the staircase, leaving the underlaying plywood surface exposed. We then proceed to repair and reinforce the plywood to create a solid and smooth surface on which we apply the wood veneer.

The veneer is custom cut to fit each step of your straight or curved staircase. Risers can also be resurfaced with veneer. It is applied with a double layer of contact cement (neoprene rubber adhesive) as the bonding material, this creates a fast, flexible, and permanent bond. Once the veneer is in place wood filler is applied to seal any gaps or joints. After carefully sanding each step, the steps and risers are stained to the desired colour or to match your hardwood floors.

After 24 hours, the steps are ready for the clear coat to be applied. We use polyurethane based clear coat which is protective and lasting. Up to three coats are applied. Once this process is completed, the spindles and railing are reinstalled to complete the project.