Madera offers solutions to maximize the potential of your home.

While we specialize in home renovations and staircase refinishing, our broad expertise and resources enable us to  provide you with many options on how to maximize the use and value of your home.

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With over 15 years of experience in floor installation, we pride ourselves in expertly installing hardwood flooring. With our service, you can expect attention to detail, showcasing a perfectly level floor with no gaps or creaks.

Wall Units

Handsome and practical, wall units are more than just storage — they’re an opportunity to decorate and personalize your space. Display your souvenirs, artwork, and photos in an environment specifically designed to make them shine. Hide your entertainment centre behind hinged or sliding doors, frame your fireplace, or organize your books and other media. There are as many solutions as there are needs. Custom-built wall units bring true elegance to your home.


Madera can help you design or renovate your work space with an elegant interior. We assess your space, listen to your needs, and work with your resources to create custom pieces that will enhance your business operation and aesthetics.

We also work with commercial firms to design and construct custom display units for trade shows, expositions, and special presentations.